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RDA Toolkit

Searchable and browseable RDA instructions in English, French, and German language. The RDA Toolkit also provides access to:

  • user-created Workflows, Maps, and other tools,
  • mappings of RDA to different schemas, including MARC 21,
  • two views of RDA content—Table of Contents and RDA Element Set,
  • full text of AACR2 with links to RDA,
  • policy Statements of member libraries (USA, GB, Australia, Germany),
  • MARC Record Examples of RDA Cataloging,
  • tips for navigating and training opportunities.

Access is limited for one concurrent user. IP authentication - leave the username and password fields blank and click the login button. You will know this login is successful when you see your institution name in the left side of the blue banner and the login box has changed to a dark blue color and now reads "Profile Login".

The original interface can be accessed via direct access or remote access.

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