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The educational platform Coursera provides access to selected online courses from universities around the world from a wide range of disciplines from natural science through humanities and health to nutrition.


Users who are enrolled in the finishing course from Charles University program must complete it by May 30, 2022!


CU has 500 licenses for students and staff, with which they can complete an unlimited number of Guided Projects. These are interactive projects that allow you to acquire practical work – oriented skills within two hours. The side interface allows to follow visual instruction on the side of the screen and apply them on the other.


To register, follow the instruction provided here on eResources Portal. The platform does not allow automatic adding, your requests are processed manually, therefore we ask for your patient. You will be informed about the access setup by email.


The license reset (i.e. the need to re-apply for access) will take place on May 31, 2022.


Due to Charles University being a part of the Alliance 4EU+ membership, the students and employees of CU have the opportunity to complete two courses (in ENG) ending with a certificate on the Coursera platform free of charge.


External users with interest can take the courses free of charge without the right to a certificate or pay a fee for it (both in their non-university account).


EuropeanCitizenship – Development, Scope, and Challenges 


Apart from their national citizenship, all citizens of the European Union have also European citizenship. What rights and opportunities does this transnational citizenship provide? What are the challenges and dilemmas for individuals, member states and EU itself? The course deals with the development, application and current challenges associated with European citizenship and its elements.


Invitation to the course for students and staff of CU:




Link to the course for the public:




Data Literacy - What is it and Why Does it Matter? 


Our values and assumptions are influenced by the data that surrounds us – the data we create, the data we collect and the data we share. Data literacy is crucial in today’s world for accessing the risks and opportunities associated with data–based technologies. The course looks at data literacy from three perspectives: data in personal live, data in society and data in creating and acquiring knowledge.


Invitation to the course for students and staff of CU:




Link to the course for the public:




How to register for the course? Instructions for CU students and staff:


For the enrollment in teaching groups, you are required to have an existing Coursera account registered at the university email address in the form xxx@domain.cuni.cz or xxx@cerge-ei.cz. If you do not have such an email, you can create one with help of these instructions. 

You can create a Coursera account registered at the university emailhere (if you do not already have it from the previous CU program). You can accept the invitation to one of the courses from above with your university account. The teaching groups are open this semester until the end of August. To obtain a certificate, the course must be completed by then.

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