Electronic resources portal UK

Remote access does not work...

In case you can't set up remote access to electronic resources please contact us via e-mail . We can't help you effectively if you don't give us information bellow:

  • your UCO (university identification number)
  • What kind of remote access you use (VPN, proxy, EZproxy or Shibboleth)?
  • Where is your computer (at home, at university e.g. faculty xyz)?
  • What kind of internet browser you use and its version (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.x, ...)?
  • Exact URL and name of inaccessible resource.
  • Everything important reported by inaccessible resource (do not hesitate to make and send us a screenshot).
  • What tells you our Access test (especially what is at line Your IP address:)?
  • Who is your internet provider (if you are connected outside university)?
  • Any other information you consider important (I have small home network etc.).

If you give us these information you have better chance to get the solution in short time.